Taco Bell + PlayStation: All Aboard the Obesity Train

Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, when Sony’s PlayStation division introduces a new piece of hardware, you can bet that there is going to be a promotional tie-in with Taco Bell. In my eight years at SCEA, I saw it over and over again – PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4… every hardware introduction seemed to come with cheese and re-fried beans on the side. In truth, it was a little embarrassing. I ran the advertising business for PlayStation and did not have anything to do with promotions, but I always wondered what was going on in their world… I mean… it’s PlayStation for cryin’ out loud – can’t we find just ONE other promotional partner, or are we going to have to make another run for the border?

Or, in other words – Mi no quiero Taco Bell!

I suppose the school of thought adhered to by both parties is that the combination of a sedentary hobby and the consumption of high calorie, high fat food go together like an unemployed 20-something male and his mom and dad’s basement. So, this is a natural fit, right? Why worry about diabetes and heart disease when you can enjoy a Doritos Taco and a Mountain Dew while sitting on your ass for hours at a time playing  insert game name here?

Now, we have the pending introduction of PlayStation VR and the two companies are at it again… “Buy a $5 Big Box and be entered to win a PSVR!” The difference is that this might finally be a cross promotion that the American Heart Association can get behind. At least with PSVR, there is the opportunity to stand up, move around, run in place and trip over the cable tethering the headset to the PlayStation 4 – that could burn off a few of those Big Box calories!

And, success with this promotion might open a few doors for other products from Sony Interactive Entertainment. The “PlayStation 4 Pro” was recently introduced and received a rather tepid reception. It could use a good promotional push and I think I have the perfect idea…

We’ve all seen the pictures of PS4 Pro – it’s a triple-decker, right? Say it with me… “two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun!” Somebody in SIE Promotions reach out to Mickey D’s and make it happen! (Ping me if you need a contact!)

Sigh… I Weep for Humanity!

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David Winding
Dave Winding is a 25 year gaming industry veteran that has been actively involved in sales, marketing, advertising, product development, publishing and communications. While his career has been as a gaming executive and entrepreneur, he is, above all else, a gamer.