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The gaming and cinematic influences on Comcept/Armature Studio’s “ReCore” are obvious from the get-go. Take “Metroid” gameplay (albeit from a third-person vantage point) and have it centered around a world that looks quite a bit like the planet of Jakku in “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens,” and you’ve got a recipe for success. Although the early reviews for ReCore have been average – most citing the game’s extended load times and the repetitive back-tracking as the main negatives – I am really enjoying the world, story and, in particular, the tight third-person shooting and platforming gameplay that is deep and rewarding. The basics of the plot are that you – playing as Joule Adams, a young woman who wakes from cryosleep 96 years later than intended – are stranded on the hostile desert planet of Far Eden with only your robotic dog, Mack, for companionship. You quickly discover that the rest of your crew, including your father, are nowhere to be found and that you need to reactivate a “Terraforming Pylon” (the technology that was created to try to make Far Eden a more habitable world.) Thus, the adventure begins…


  • Publisher: Microsoft Studios
  • Developer: Comcept/Armature Studio
  • Release Date: 9/13/16
  • Platforms: Xbox One, PC (Windows 10/Microsoft Store exclusive)
  • Price: $39.99
  • Initial Impressions: Excellent control and gameplay, love the jumping/jetpack mechanic, load times long in spots. third-person Metroid

Will ReCore do for Xbox One What Quantum Break Couldn’t? (You Know… Have a Modicum of Sales Success!)

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