Indie Game of the Week: Obduction

“Obduction” is the classic adventure game, “Myst,” for a new generation. Gone are the static screens of yore – to be replaced by a gorgeous, creepy real-time world that is just begging for its secrets to be discovered. The world is called “Hunrath” – a far off alien landscape that inexplicably has buildings, objects, artifacts, etc. from Earth scattered across its landscape. When you begin the game, it is as if you are in the old west – America circa 1850-ish – but surrounded by glowing purple mountains/topography. Like Myst, and many other games that have come since, it is your job to discover why/what/when/where and who through a series of increasingly difficult brain teasers that allow you to alter the landscape and delve deeper into this strange alien environment. While I am enjoying the world and the concept, and quite challenged by the puzzles, I am also frustrated by the severe lag/frame-rate issues present in the game. A quick check of the Steam discussions has shown me that I am one of many suffering from the same technical issues. In addition, the game has been out for two weeks and there has been little feedback from the developer, Cyan Worlds, and no patch addressing the issue. Make no mistake – there is a great game here, it is just a shame that, like so many games in this day and age, it takes weeks after launch to sort them out.


  • Publisher: Cyan Worlds
  • Developer: Cyan Worlds
  • Release Date: 8/24/16
  • Platforms: PC/Steam
  • Price: $29.99
  • Metacritic: 78
  • My Impressions: Beautiful, clever, obtuse at times, severe stuttering/lag/frame-rate issues that need to be addressed

Obduction – A Game that is Much, Much More than Myst for Millenials

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