Hey! Disney Infinity 1.0 Still Works! (Sort of…)

So… they didn’t completely blow it up.

Yesterday, September 30th, 2016, was the day that the original Disney Infinity for PC (1.0) was supposed to be completely shutdown. No online play, no Toy Box, no support of any kind, purchased Play Sets and virtual figures… all dead. This is how Disney Interactive and the Infinity website itself (https://infinity.disney.com/) explained it. You see, DI always required an internet connection so their servers could verify that you hadn’t pulled a fast one and cheated the mouse out of some cheddar. Without that connection, it was going to be Bob Iger telling his most enthusiastic/dedicated customers/fans of all things Disney “you’ll get nothing and like it.” That connection was severed yesterday and the game told me so.

But… a funny thing happened just after that warning – the game booted up and allowed me to play The Incredibles Play Set. Now, all of my other Play Sets and characters were locked, but I was encouraged. Then, I quit The Incredibles and backed out to the main menu – a menu that now showed all of my Play Sets (Pirates, Cars, Lone Ranger, Toy Story and Monsters, Inc.) as unlocked! In addition, all of my purchased characters associated with those Play Sets were now accessible. And, all of my save game files were still valid. Still… to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, I repeated the process a few more times and achieved the same results. It’s kind of a hassle that I have to start The Incredibles Play Set and back out before I can play any of the others every time I launch the game, but still…

And, to be clear, all community features are gone – no sharing of levels created for the Toy Box, no TB challenges, none of that good stuff. But, for me, I never got into any of that… I just wanted to get the Play Sets and play them as I would any other single player game, and have them sit on my HDD to enjoy for as long as I cared to. Now, unless there is another anti-consumer policy out there waiting to become the next monkey in the wrench, I have that ability.

The cat (well… corporate stooges) must be away – because the mouse is still letting us play!

In Spite of Disney Infinity Supposedly Having a Finite Lifespan, it Lives… it Lives!

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