About Us


What is Inner Circle Gaming?

Inner Circle Gaming brings you inside the gaming industry like never before, with the unfiltered, naked truth of the hobby and business that we love – covering the here and now as well as the industry’s fascinating past and humble beginnings.

Curated by Dave Winding, a 25 year veteran of the gaming industry and life-long gamer, ICG will feature industry analysis, software and hardware features, retrospectives on long-forgotten games and platforms, hard hitting and humorous commentary on news of the day, interviews with industry luminaries, and behind-the-scenes stories that you won’t find anywhere else.

Above all, Inner Circle Gaming is interactive, allowing gamers to engage in an ongoing dialogue as we discuss the games we love and explore penetrating questions about the reality of the gaming business, the truth behind the news and finally share a few stories that only come from a life well spent… with controller in hand!


Who we are

Dave Winding, Publisher & CEO

Dave has been in the video game industry for over 25 years. In that quarter of a century, he’s had the opportunity to be deeply involved in virtually every facet of the business of gaming, from Consumer Service and QA, to Media, Publishing, Marketing, Advertising, Business Development, Sales and Product Development. He has built several businesses for himself and for some of the biggest game companies in the industry. He likes to say that he has “been at the bottom of the corporate ladder and at the top… and has survived to tell the tale!”

Erica Norton, SVP Partner Integrations

Erica is a sales marketing expert and entrepreneur with nearly fifteen years of marketing, sales, and advertising experience within gaming, entertainment, automotive, and technology. Erica’s talent lies in her ability to build brands that people connect with, collaborating and developing advertising strategies that set out to redefine and reshape how advertisers interact with an audience. As a respected leader in the advertising industry, Erica has worked for some of the biggest global media publishers that include; Sony Pictures Entertainment, Microsoft Corporation, BBC Worldwide and Turner Broadcasting.

Andrew Deák, SVP Strategic Brand Development

Andrew is a seasoned executive in the advertising and marketing landscape who specializes in multi-screen engagement. Having cultivated extensive relationships within the gaming and media industries, most notably with Turner Broadcasting and Sony Pictures Entertainment, he has a proven track record as a dependable source of industry innovation and trends. Focused on driving strategic partnerships between endemic and non-endemic brands through custom and turnkey branding solutions, Andrew delivers targeted strategies without sacrificing core brand values.